Turbo's Solar Power Project and APC UPS Hacks @ 0xfeedbeef.com

Prelminary testing:

1x 140W @ 24v Solar Panel, 72 cell in a 9x18 configuration
1x APC Smart-UPS 1000 (SU1000) with AP9619 network card
Useful links:

 Link: http://homepage1.nifty.com/Que/plamo/apc-ups/manual/upsbible.html

 Link: http://www.eevblog.com/forum/projects/cool-tutorial-converting-an-apc-ups-into-a-powerful-sinewave-inverter/15

Battery Controller Testing (2013-09-08 13:15)
 Notes: AGPTek 30A charge/load controller placed between panel, battery, and UPS
  I estimate an effective maximum of 125W output from the 140W panel with a PWM/non-MPPT controller
  25W overhead for the inverter leaves 100W of usable 120v power
  UPS can handle a maximum of 600W output @ 25A of 24vdc

Solar Panel input power, full sun 4.5A @ approx 28v Solar Panel input power, cloudy 1.5A @ approx 26v UPS Draw 2.7A @ 26v with 46W load, 71W total, UPS Overhead 25W

APC UPS testing (2013-09-06 13:19)
 Purpose: Test the limits of an APC UPS SU1000 I picked up for $20 on Craigslist, vs $300 for a pure sine wave inverter
 Notes: The nominal input is 24v, typically supplied by 2 12v 12AH batteries. There is room in the chassis for 2 12v 18AH batteries.
  These are also called "Half-U" batteries, used in the larger Smart-UPS units.
  UPS will cold start by holding down the power button. UPS seems to accept input from 20v-36v without complaining much, steady 120v output.

Sleep mode draw 0.3A @ 26v On, 0W load draw 1.0A @ 26v On, 100W load draw 5.0A @ 26v

140W Solar Panel Testing (2013-09-05 17:52)
 Purpose: Test the output of a heavily discounted 140W Solar Panel
 Notes: Panel nominal output is 24v, Vmp is 36v
  Initial testing shows usable output in the 110W range, waiting on a DC-DC converter to test more accurately
  Peak output approx 4.0A

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