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This page contains the original details on how the USB patch works, and how it was accomplished.
I will also include some additional patches here for disabling the watchdog, and maybe some other stuff
If you don't care how it works, go back to the main page and just apply the USB easy patch.

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USB success! (2007-03-29 15:21)
 Purpose: Use USB devices with your AppleTV
 Notes: Apple's USB device whitelist has been bypassed, and I can confirm a working keyboard that doesn't appear to interfere with the IR remote
  A USB storage device is now detected, but no device node is created. IOUSBMassStorageClass.kext is missing
  Make the following changes to the uncompressed mach_kernel binary (offsets are file offsets with header removed):

  MD5 for a successfully patched file

(mach_kernel.prelink) = c71420b6a021e15e0b6beadf9eab2ba8

  Decompress, patch data, patch header, and reassemble mach_kernel.prelink as outlined below

  Thanks go to oz_paulb for a proper disassembly.
Patch mach_kernel.prelink (2007-03-29 12:43)
 Purpose: Make changes to the original mach_kernel.prelink file on the AppleTV
 Notes: This procedure is how I did it originally. Thanks go to Paul (oz_paulb) for a utility to make this easy.
  AppleTV will first try to boot mach_kernel.prelink from disk0s2 (Recovery). If this fails, it will try mach_kernel.prelink on disk0s3 (/).
  If both fail to boot the machine, it will loop.

Modified 2007-04-07 11:52:33
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